Refund and Cancellation Policy


All orders are processed in realtime and are ideally expected to be duly completed and delivered to the customer via SMS and email. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some customers may not receive their Prepaid Meter Token for a number of reasons even after being debited that include but are not limited to, prepaid meter token does not work with customer meter, customer details used for purchase was incorrect, hence such customers may wish to cancel their orders.

Scenarios Where An Order CAN Be Cancelled

1. Processed Payment, Token Not Generated

If a payment has been processed successfully but a prepaid meter token has not been generated for the transaction, a customer can cancel the order and request for a refund.

Scenarios Where An Order CANNOT Be Cancelled

1. Unprocessed Payment

In the event that LightUp Nig has not gotten value for the payment by the customer irrespective of the claims by the customer to have been debited by our payment processors, and the customer also fails to receive a reversal from the processing bank within 24hrs, such a customer is advised to visit their bank and lodge a formal complaint for their monies to be reversed.

2. Processed Payment, Token Generated But Not Delievered

If a payment has been successfully processed and a prepaid meter token has been generated for the transaction but the customer did not receive the prepaid meter token either by email or SMS, such a transaction cannot be cancelled because prepaid meter tokens are not transferrable and cannot be resold or returned to A.E.D.C. LightUp Nig provides the capacity for the customer to check if a particular transaction has been completed successfully on their platform to help is situations like this.

3. Incorrect Meter Data

If the customer provides an incorrect meter number during their request and the request has been successfully completed, LightUp Nig would not be held liable and would not accept a cancellation request.

4. Inability To Use Token

If the customer, having entered a valid meter number but still cannot make use of the prepaid meter token delivered to them, the customer is advised to contact A.E.D.C and lodge a formal complaint. Such cases are usually as a result of a faulty meter, inability of the customer to operate the meter etc.


All refunds would be processed within 48hrs to 72hrs upon receipt. All refunds would be subjected to deductions as pertains the bank charges paid by LightUp Nig for an individual payment processed by our payment processors. Such charges would include but may not be limited to:

  1. N50 Stamp Duty (if amount is above N1000)
  2. 1.5% charge on the amount for payment processing fees